Service Involvement

Service Involvement

USAP-Tennessee (formerly Anesthesia Medical Group) prides itself on providing the highest level of care for every single one of our patients. But, this deepened sense of care extends beyond the walls of the hospital. Many of our team members go above and beyond their requirements at work and strive to help others outside of their jobs as well. Our teams’ dedication to serving communities makes us proud that they bear the USAP-Tennessee name. This page is dedicated to recognizing just a few of the service projects our team members have been involved in through the years.

USAP-Tennessee team members have done work with the following organizations:

Chikondi Health Foundation

Chikondi is a non-profit organization that leads a project to Blessings Hospital in Malawi. There, the volunteers provide general care, perform surgeries, and give assistance with maternity services. Dr. Jeffrey Bennie has been involved with this organization for the past couple of years, and now serves as the medical director for this mission trip. In 2016, Dr. Bennie resuscitated a newborn child who was born blue and without a heartrate. The family was so grateful, they named their new son Jeffrey.

Ignite Missions

Ignite Missions is a nonprofit group that travels to the villages of Linaca in Honduras to teach the gospel and help construct homes and other buildings for the villagers. Since 2009, Jeremy Donegan has gone to work in the villages and as of 2015, has become a leader of the project for college aged kids. He leads his group down every July to help the people of Linaca.

Health Talents International

Health Talents International is a nonprofit group that operates around 30 primary care and dental clinics throughout Guatemala, as well as a surgical hospital in the coastal area of the country. In total, the clinics see around 50,000 people every year. Dr. Jeffrey Bennie’s continuous involvement with this group has allowed him to be named as the chairman of the medical surgical committee.

Mission UpReach

Mission UpReach is a mission group that travels to Honduras to help spread the word of God. Recently, the Honduran government reached out to Mission UpReach, who in turn reached out to USAP-Tennessee employees, about helping out with over 500 backlogged surgeries. In October of 2017, Anyan Parsons, Kenneth McDaniel, and Dr. Kendle Yates will travel to Honduras to help out.

Operation Smile

Operation Smile is a nonprofit medical group that specializes in cleft lip surgeries around the world. They travel worldwide and provide surgery to those who don’t have access or cannot afford to have surgeries. Dr. Michael Stabile has been very involved in Operation Smile, serving as an anesthesia team leader, a member of the Medical Advisory Board, the Chief of Anesthesia Council, and organizing the World Journey of Smiles, an initiative which provided over 4,100 surgeries during the span of one week in 25 different countries. Many other doctors, including Dr. Wallace Friedman, Dr. Paul Seitz, Dr. Tom Thomas, Dr. Dan Scokin, and numerous others, have been involved with Operation Smile as well, helping to provide surgeries to those in need.