“AMG is superb in the pre-op preparation of colon surgical patients. In the last 3 to 5 years the single greatest improvement I’ve experienced (after more than 27,000 colonoscopies) is the delivery of IV medication (Propofol) by AMG. This has created a marked and significant improvement in the procedure and the surgeon’s ability to focus on potential life threatening issues.”

– Dr. Mike Santi, MD

“The pain pump was totally amazing—the difference was unreal. With the knee replacement I had to manage keeping the pain meds in my system continuously. They made me feel terrible! I felt like a zombie, all cloudy headed and constipated—just miserable. After six weeks I finally got some relief. Dr. Friedman placed the pain pump in my knee when I had ankle fusion surgery. I was extremely well pleased with how it all went, I’ve had both knees replaced, the first one in my 40’s and it was terribly painful… So, I really didn’t know what to expect—other than to prepare to be miserable. But, the pain pump changed everything! I’d recommend AMG to anyone.”

– Janice, 56 year old surgical outpatient